News Car insurance for novice drivers: That’s how young people save money

News Car insurance for novice drivers: That’s how young people save money News always well informed

Tuesday, 15.08.17 , written by Annabell Meyer The joy of passing the driver’s license exam is great with many novice drivers. However, this is quickly clouded when it comes to the car insurance of the first own car. When it comes to protection, young people usually have to dig deep into their pockets. With some tips, however, can find a cheap car insurance for novice drivers. >

Bei der Autoversicherung für Fahranfänger gibt es Sparmöglichkeiten

Young drivers can save some car insurance tips

  • New drivers are often considered as “risk factors” in motor insurance and therefore have to pay more than experienced insured persons.
  • Even young drivers with the right car insurance and some tips can save a lot of money.
  • In order to find a cheap car insurance for novice drivers, it is advisable to compare different offers.

Young people who have recently obtained their driving license are often considered a high-risk car insurance company due to their lack of experience. Because statistically they cause more accidents than drivers with more driving experience. Many insurers therefore classify novice drivers in the non-infringement category 0 and can be paid for the protection of the car with a premium of up to 240 percent of the actual contribution. As a result, high car insurance costs of more than 1,000 euros per year are quickly coming together. Such sums of money can and do not want to be tackled by very few novice drivers. There are different ways in which young people can save money on car insurance.

Car insurance for young people: benefits before costs

A simple way to save on car insurance is to pay contributions not every month, but once a year in advance . For this, some insurers offer their customers a discount on the cost of car insurance. New drivers can also save if they restrict the benefits of the hedge. For example, if young drivers only agree to motor liability insurance and waive the additional protection of a full or partial coverage, the contributions will be lower. However, they will have to pay for their own vehicle damage.

If this is too risky, you can reduce car insurance premiums by accepting a deductible . This means that the insured pays part of the costs out of pocket in the event of an accident. Some companies also reduce the premiums if the customer agrees to a workshop commitment, ie has his vehicle repaired only in a specific workshop.

Service: Young drivers usually have only a small amount of money at their disposal, and pay particular attention to the contribution level for car insurance. Despite the great savings potential, but the benefits. With the comparison calculator can find a cheap car insurance for novice drivers, which is also powerful.

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Car insurance for novice drivers: Second car registration saves money

Further savings potential arises in the car insurance, if novice drivers to insure the car as a second car on the parents. Because these usually already have a higher damage class. As a result, the new vehicle is better classified. However, it is important to extend the driver’s circle to the next generation.

Many providers classify the second car at least in the damage class ½ or better. This usually corresponds to a premium between 120 and 140 percent. Thus, the contribution can be reduced at least somewhat compared to the damage-free class 0.

Take no-claims discount from relatives

In addition, young people can take on the damage-free class of a relative in order to reduce their contributions to motor insurance. If, for example, the grandfather of a novice driver no longer wants to drive on his own, the grandson can take over his claim-free class.

However, this step is worthwhile only if the young driver has his driving license for several years. Because only so many accident-free years can be transferred as damage-free discount, as the novice driver himself could have achieved .

Cheap car insurance for young people thanks to telematics tariffs

Some companies offer novice drivers the possibility to reduce their insurance costs via telematics tariffs. Thus, young drivers who convince with a predictive and safe driving style benefit from up to 30 percent savings. For this, they have to monitor their trips via an app or a black box in the car.

In addition, young drivers can save if they decide to participate in the so-called “Accompanying driving from 17”. Here, novice drivers who have already acquired their driving license before the age of 18 have the opportunity to gather driving experience with their parents until they reach the age of majority. Some insurers acknowledge this with lower contributions.

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