12 new works of art now on display in downtown Colorado Springs via Art on the Streets


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colorado – It’s even easier to enjoy the art around Colorado Springs as the city launches a new Art on the Streets exhibit.

The experiment aims to get people to explore the city while celebrating the power of public art. With 12 new works of art on display, adding to around 300 murals and sculptures across the city, there’s an entire open-air gallery to explore.

“Street art includes murals, sculptures as well as interactive works,” said Claire Swinford, CEO of Downtown Ventures. “You’re going to get a small sample of artwork from the Pikes Peak area and art from around the world.”

One person told FOX21 News he appreciates the city for allowing artists to express their feelings on topics that may not be easy to talk about.

“Art creates a lot of character in some places,” said Erik Arnendariz. “For my own inspiration, I care about social justice and activism. And so I like that art in many ways is valued from the bottom up. This inspiration comes from the expression of marginalized people.

The last exhibition is expected to run until next year. To learn more about Art on the Streets events, click here.

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