ArtSEA: Seattle’s Van Gogh immersion keeps art at bay

Leaving the Van Gogh show was like taking off a virtual reality headset (and, yes, there is a VR option at the show, for an additional fee), as time spent in a virtual world always makes me grateful and hungry for the real. -experiences of the world. Considering all the digital screams, I wanted simple pleasures, like paper turned into art.

Lucky for me, the Nordic National Museum opens a new exhibition of paper-cut works this weekend. Dialogues on paper: The dragon and our Stories (28 Oct-31 Jan 2022) is a collaboration of the Danish artist Bit vejle and Chinese artist Xiao Guang Qiao. The exhibition of large and intricate paper-cut works illustrates how the dragon plays a role in the two artists’ legacy – as an evil repellant in Viking symbology and auspicious signifier in Chinese culture.

For more paper-cut power, here’s another callback to attend two outstanding and ongoing exhibitions by the Seattle artist. Barbara count thomas: Black packaged To Henri art gallery (until May 1, 2022) and The geography of innocence To Seattle Art Museum (until January 2, 2022).

And last weekend I visited two small exhibitions that also showcase the many possibilities of paper. TO ArtXchange Gallery on the Place des Pionniers, Between and inside (until November 20) presents the beautiful work of Jiyoung Chung, which uses the traditional Korean method of joomchi handmade felted paper from mulberry leaves – to build very contemporary layered sculptures with an open organic structure.

Opposite to the vibe of the paper are the mathematical pieces meticulously folded by Yossi Ben Abou To Typhoon on Capitol Hill. (Alert: the gallery will close its successful pop-up space at the end of this month and regroup with new projects for the new year.) By mood (until October 30), Ben Abu, who is deaf, shares visual messages he created for himself during the height of the pandemic, when masks made lip reading impossible. Her electric-hued Pantone-style layered color swatches read “Okey Dokey,” “Good Vibes,” “Let’s Dance” – textual and textural assurances that in the future we can connect once in the world. real again.

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