Black Hills Energy recalls “call before you dig” this fall

By Trevor T. Trujillo on October 21, 2021


With the fall season upon us and winter weather already affecting Wyoming, Black Hills Energy is reminding contractors and residents to call 811 when fall digging projects are over.

“It’s easy to rush in, when you know bad weather is coming,” Jesse Henderson, damage prevention coordinator for Black Hills Energy in Wyoming, said in a written statement Thursday. “Everyone is rushing to finish their work in the fall, so that’s when we see an increase in strikes on natural gas lines, so we are launching recalls to promote safety awareness. in our communities. ”

Black Hills Energy reports 50 natural gas pipeline successes in Wyoming for 2021, including 16 in September alone. Authorities warn that hitting a line can result in injury, repair costs, breakdowns and fines.

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“For every digging project, big or small, call or click 811 – it’s free, it’s safe and it’s the law,” a statement from Black Hills Energy said Thursday. “When they call 811, homeowners and contractors are connected to One Call of Wyoming, which notifies the appropriate utility companies of the intention to dig. ”

Applications can also be made online at:

“At no cost to you, professional utility locators will arrive at the excavation site to mark the approximate location of underground utility lines with flags, spray paint, or both,” Black Hills Energy continued. .

Black Hills Energy has sent the following reminders to contractors and residents:

  • Call or click before you dig. Always “Call or click before you dig” at least two business days in advance for utility lines to be marked. You can call 811 toll-free or schedule online at At no cost to you, utility locators will respond within two business days to mark the approximate location of buried utility lines on your site with paint or color-coded flags.
  • Mark your planned excavation site. Using white spray paint, stakes or flags, mark the area around your planned excavation site before calling. The “white line” helps the utility locator understand your plan and reduces the chance of project delays if the utility locator has to return to locate additional areas.
  • Respect the brands. Always hand dig carefully within 24 inches of any utility line markings, as opposed to the use of electrical equipment. A simple gash can create a weak spot that can turn into a gas leak, cause an electrical or internet failure, or lead to injury.
  • Don’t trust old locator marks. If you do not dig within 14 business days of marking utility lines, contact One Call of Wyoming again. At no cost, utility locators will return to notice the lines as quickly as possible. Never rely on outdated information.

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