Local women start a business that supports artists in the region

Elizabeth Goodwill and Barbara Gerdeman, two local artists and art educators, have launched Creative Liberties Artist Studios, a collective artist studio that provides space for local artists to work and exhibit. The studio is located in the Limelight neighborhood of the Park East neighborhood, near downtown Sarasota. In addition to providing a workspace, artistic services include assistance with social media, website design, public relations, marketing, pricing for artwork, collaborating with galleries, help with the shipping of parts sold, etc.

Nine artists have currently made Creative Liberties Artist Studios their artistic workspace. These include founders Elizabeth Goodwill (book art, fiber art and mixed media) and Barbara Gerdeman (photography, acrylic painting and mixed media); Donna Bergman (collage and mixed media); Lisa DiFranza (acrylic paint, gouache and mixed media); Traci Kegerreis (acrylic painting, collage and mosaics); Deena King (mixed media painting); Sandy Koolkin (fluid acrylic paint, watercolor and textile art); Judy Levine (jewelry making, collage and photography); and Craig Palmer (abstract painting). All studio spaces are currently occupied, but Goodwill and Gerdeman are accepting applications for future openings. For more information, click here or call (941) 799-6634.

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Margarita B. Bittner

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