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The Lake Region Arts Council (LRAC), Fergus Falls, awarded 11 Career Development Grants, funded by the McKnight Foundation, for a total of $ 12,504, in the May LRAC Grants Review that took place. held on May 18. There were candidates from all over the LRAC region. apply for up to $ 1,200 to further their artistic career.

Kimble Bromley, Otter Tail County, visual artist, $ 1,000

Bromley will purchase a digital camera to create professional images of his work for the gallery and grant submission, to increase the quality of his marketing images, and to capture images for future work.

“My work has often focused on the place. I have painted places I have traveled to such as Mexico, Ecuador, Cuba, Chicago and recently France, where I had the opportunity to visit Monet’s gardens in Giverny. On each trip I brought back images to paint in my studio. My work is about place, color, light and a celebration of life. I hope my work will help viewers see the beauty of the world around them, ”-Bromley.

Carmen Bruhn, Becker County, visual artist, $ 1,200

Bruhn will create and exhibit a new series of paintings focusing on Abstract Expressionism with the theme of love. She will experiment with a variety of mediums to explore her branding and painting traits. His next exhibition will be at the Rourke Art Gallery Museum in February 2022.

“Color and design are everything to me. As an acrylic painter, it is the color that first feeds my imagination to create. This is my inspiration. The urge to create and to design has always been part of me; first in my architectural career and later in my passion for painting where saturated colors, flat shapes and repeating patterns dominate the design and define the form as elegant and modernist ”, – Bruhn.

Ann DuHamel, Stevens County, musician-pianist, $ 1,200

DuHamel will commission Mitch Grussing to compose two new sets of piano miniatures. Considering how 2020-21 has been a dark year and how the dark side of our psyche is reflected in our daily lives, she envisioned the idea of ​​the shadow self in relation to the Jungian archetypes, and asked Mitch to write two complementary works, each a different facet of these archetypes.

“Over the past decade, I have become increasingly interested in contemporary music for its variety of sound colors, textures and its ability to develop the musical imagination. I seek to make modern music accessible to the public. As part of this assignment, I commissioned several composers: Marc Chan, Luke Dahn, Joseph Dangerfield, Jocelyn Hagen, Edie Hill, Tyler Kline and J. David Moore. Mitch Grussing’s commission continues my advocacy for contemporary music ”, – DuHamel.

Dominic Facio, Otter Tail County, multimedia client artist, $ 1,200

Facio will develop its ability to create, personalize and design wearable art through screen printing techniques with supplies and equipment. Obtaining this equipment and supplies will allow him to work more efficiently, expand his possibilities and create new portable works of art.

“I plan to use this equipment / material to materialize new designs and branding designs for my public events (Fergus Falls Zombie Crawl, Danse Macabre and the Catwalk Party). Souvenirs were requested for the Catwalk Party and Danse Macabre ”, – Facio.

Jackson Grove, Douglas County, musical theater performer, $ 1,200

Grove will work virtually one-on-one with two mentors; Marianna Bassham, to focus on film acting, stage study, monologue techniques, and Cathy Rand to refine her musicality and auditing techniques in order to prepare to audition for musical theater productions.

“I am an actor, dancer, teacher, choreographer, singer, director and advocate. The public who discover my work must feel my passion for what I do. They should also see the accessibility of art and how art is made by everyone, for everyone. I want the audience to feel happy and learn something about my art ”, – Grove.

Annie Hough, Clay County, literary playwright, $ 1,200

Hough will be producing his new children’s theater script “Vineyard Adventures”. The 40-minute play, which explores the animals, insects and flora of a Minnesota vineyard, will be performed at RiverArts at Woodlawn Park in Moorhead. Hough explores the connection with the environment through his theatrical productions.

“I wrote my first educational play for children during my graduate studies in horticulture. I have since written five more plays. Excitingly, two of them were performed at a school on an island in Australia. Celebrating the outdoors is still my passion. Arousing curiosity, pleasure and respect for our planet inspires me to continue to create ”, – Hough.

Eric Santwire, Otter Tail County, photographer, $ 794

Santwire will frame and exhibit its most recent photography collections at the Kaddatz Galleries, Fergus Falls in the winter of 2022.

“Ultimately, images which suggest some sort of potential story but retain enough element of mystery or atmosphere to allow the viewer multiple and personal interpretations, are for me the most exciting to produce”, – Santwire .

Naomi Schliesman, Otter Tail County, visual artist, $ 1,200

Schliesman will purchase a laptop to increase its online presence by updating its new artist website and the professional social media platforms of Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. As an artist, her professional growth will continue to develop as an exhibiting artist, curator and consultant on community projects, community toolkits for digital and in-person projects.

“I am an artist who wears many hats in the art world and I strive to continue to exhibit my contemporary works of art, to create creative toolkits for creating places for communities and to carry out community art projects. Now I have the time to apply my own art practice in a creative studio, collaborate and accept contract work for my own professional services, as outlined in my career development artist statement, and as per my own schedule ”, – Schliesman.

Nancy XiaoRong Valentine, Otter Tail County, visual artist, $ 1,200

Valentine will purchase traditional Chinese painting and mounting supplies to increase the resilience and archival quality of her rice paper works for preservation and display. By learning and implementing traditional Chinese scroll mounting display and conservation techniques, she will reduce the fragile and ephemeral nature of her rice paper works and increase their lifespan.

“I define myself as an artist in an aquatic environment who creates 2D works on paper. I am technically inspired by my Chinese heritage around the themes of beauty, hope and resilience. I strive to reveal hidden connections through organic impressionist markings and intentional minimalist color palettes. Today, I create with conviction and paint works of art that allow me to strengthen cultural ties with my Chinese heritage and represent my Asian-American experience in the rural spaces of the Midwest ”, – XiaoRong Valentine.

Ber Vasquez, Clay County, visual artist-sculpture, $ 1,100

Vasquez will purchase a MIG welder to make his latest “Immigrant Children” themed art regarding the arrest and incarceration of migrant children crossing the southern border of the United States. As a Latina artist, this topic touched her a lot and she started making sketches, models and samples to express her thoughts and feelings in response. His intention is to open the conversation on this topic.

“I am a political artist. My pieces convey subjects related to minorities, racism, inequalities and feminism. My political pieces are generally subtle, and I care as much about the fundamentals of artistic design as I do about my subject. While my sculptures are mainly political, once I became a mother, I found my two-dimensional work, my paintings, embracing nature, women, childhood and minorities. I work in a style that emphasizes movement and color ”, – Vasquez.

Mike Weatherly, Grant County, visual artist-printmaker, $ 1,200

Weatherly will study virtually with Master Engraver Ron Pokraso and purchase supplies for the classes. The courses will cover many different printmaking techniques, including the use of solar plates, the making of photopolymer plates, mixed media, the use of viscosity in engraving, and the transformation of works from paper to panel. In addition, his latest work will be virtually criticized by Pokraso.

“I’m primarily a relief engraver where I carve wood or linoleum and press the image onto paper. At the beginning of 2018, I started working on prints dealing with human emotions and the human condition in an attempt to establish a link with the viewer. I’m interested in how artists approach tragic, frightening and painful themes and how, as an artist, they have to fight against the human condition ”, – Weatherly.

The LRAC Career Development Grant is one of three LRAC grant programs sponsored by the McKnight Foundation. These grants are open to all applicants in the nine counties area of ​​LRAC, Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Otter Tail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin counties.

The next LRAC grant program available to individuals is the LRAC Artist Quick Start Grant. This grant will be open on July 6 and the deadline to apply is August 5 at 5 p.m. The LRAC Board of Directors will review applicants on September 21 and award six grants of $ 750 for a total of $ 4,500.

For more information: contact LRAC Grants Manager, Lake Region Arts Council, 133 Mill St. S., Fergus Fall, MN 56537-2562, Phone: 218-739-5780 or 800-262-2787, Email: [email protected], or Website:

LRAC is a non-profit arts organization that provides grants, resources and services to the Nine County area; Becker, Clay, Douglas, Grant, Ottertail, Pope, Stevens, Traverse and Wilkin counties. Our mission is to encourage and support the arts in west-central Minnesota.

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