Namesa’s art comes from the heart

In addition to celebrating Women’s Month, Namesa Ngidi was recognized for her incredible artistic skills when she landed third place for Woza Moya Artist’s Wall.

Ngidi was born in 1969 in Johannesburg and grew up in the Valley of 1000 Hills in the village called KwaMnamatha. She attended a rural school where art was not taught. It was in 1993, when she took up a position in an art gallery, that she developed an interest in art. She was inspired by the different paintings and then in 2004 started collecting scrap cuttings and invested in some painting and started painting every Sunday.

Liz Bear saw and loved his work and asked him to take formal art classes. She trained with Maggie Strachan and Pascal Chandler in 2013. Namesa works in her own style, with overtures from Irma Stern.

In 2006, Namesa received the second prize of the KZNSA Members’ Exhibition. She has also exhibited at the Margate Museum, Durban Art Gallery as part of the Women’s Day exhibition. In 2008 she was selected as a finalist for the Nivea Art Prize and a year later she won the second prize in the KZNSA Members’ Exhibition. She has also been featured in a group exhibition at Art Space Berlin, Carnage Art Gallery in Newcastle, the 2015 Sanlam Portrait Award and Trailing the Trappists at Mariannhill in 2017. Talented artists sell her work in various galleries in South Africa and abroad.

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The artwork hanging on Woza Moya is titled Lunch Break. The painting is reminiscent of where the artist grew up and, through the work, she remembers going to school with no pocket money and that during the lunch break she saw her classmates go to school. group in stores to eat something.

“I would sit outside on the rocks watching them, and sometimes I felt lucky because sometimes they would sit with me,” she said.

Lunch Break shows kids rushing to school, and viewers described the play as both moving and poignant as so many kids couldn’t go to school last year.

The new monthly initiative at the boutique is sponsored by the 100% Foundation. The painting is for sale and people can bid for the painting. Auctions start at R1 500 at the start of each month and will close at the end of the month. The person with the highest bid can buy the painting. The artist will receive an additional percentage of the sale.

“We reproduced the artwork on a gift card and the artist gets 50% of the sale of his cards. If you like the artist’s work, support him by purchasing a card for R25 each. Card sales help artists earn passive income, ”Woza Moya Executive Director Paula Thomson said.

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