New milk delivery business launched in eastern Idaho

IDAHO FALLS – A milk delivery company will provide a unique product to customers while preserving the environment.

Dairy Day Delivery is slated to launch later this month and will serve customers in the Ammon, Idaho Falls, Rigby and Rexburg areas.

Co-owner Tony Brooks told that he and his partner, Daniel Woodward, are teaming up with Paradise Grove Dairy in Monteview to deliver milk that is a little different than what you buy at the store.

“The milk itself is not pasteurized, so it comes directly from the cow. It contains A2 / A2 protein, which makes it easier for your body to break down, ”explains Brooks.

Milk containing this type of protein has many other health benefits for consumers, according to the dairy’s website.

“Raw milk is how God intended milk to be consumed, it contains the natural enzymes to break down lactose in milk,” the website says. “It contains natural bacteria which are good for your own digestion (they are called probiotics). It contains natural fat which makes you feel fuller for longer, so you don’t eat a lot of empty calories. A2 milk protein also helps build and maintain muscle.

Paradise Grove dairy cows containing the A2 / A2 protein are pasture-fed during the hot summer months and are given a non-GMO ration of barley, sugarcane molasses, palm oil and alfalfa, says the website. The A2 herd is free of antibiotics and hormones.

Brooks says another unique aspect of the business is its commitment to the environment. All milk will be delivered in 64 ounce (half gallon) glass jars as in the past.

“When delivering milk, we will also offer free pick-up and recycling of empty glass bottles. This way we save on plastic waste (as much as we can), ”he says.

Brooks paints houses through his business, Brooks Painting. The inspiration for Dairy Day Delivery came, in part, from a report he heard about the amount of plastic waste in the United States. He also noticed a renewed interest in education about dairy products, how they are made and where they come from. Brooks saw an opportunity to combine the two interests with the milk delivery business.

He recently launched a website for Dairy Day Delivery, but the business is not yet operational. Brooks is filming for mid-October but has not said a specific date. He will focus specifically on milk delivery for now, but he hopes to offer more dairy products in the future and expand into the Blackfoot-Pocatello region.

He is eager to provide “the best customer service” to the people of eastern Idaho.

“Our commitment is to always do things right and deliver the best quality for everyone for what they pay,” says Brooks. “We also hope that we can work together to do what we can to take care of our environment and help people drink milk (who couldn’t before).”

To sign up or learn more, visit Dairy Day Delivery on Facebook or online.

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