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Steubenville Police

Unlocated: Police checked the John Scott connector near Pugliese West on Thursday for someone making obscene gestures to motorists, but could not find the offender.

Found: A wallet found in the 300 block of Summit Avenue was turned over to police on Thursday. Attempts to contact the owner were unsuccessful.

Test: Police responded to a heist alarm at a Sunset Boulevard business on Thursday. Once there, the manager said it was a test and should not have been contacted.

Cut: The driver of a Walmart semi-truck severely damaged the upper corner of the SOhio building in the 2700 block of Sunset Boulevard on Thursday. The driver said she was trying to park between the gas station and the building, not realizing that the trailer was as high as it was. The trailer was only slightly damaged.

Quoted: Tiko Delvon Postlewaite, 32, 955 Sherman Ave., Steubenville, issued a citation for no operator’s license and illegal expired plates. Postlewaite was cited after police spotted an expired sticker on the license plate of the vehicle he was driving and a routine registration check revealed the plate and vehicle did not match. Postlewaite then told police he did not have a valid license and said he and his girlfriend were going to a fast food restaurant for a triple cheeseburger. She did not have a license and the car was not insured, so the vehicle was towed.

Reserved: Windy L. Davia, 52, 141 Buckeye St., Adena, small flight, Thursday. Walmart workers told police they saw Davia at a self-service checkout scan an item, then wrap multiple items she didn’t scan, as well as use a cheaper label to scan 12 more expensive items. Davia attempted to leave the store with non-food items valued at $ 239, police said.

Reserved: Bobbi L Moran, 29, homeless, arrest warrant, Thursday; Otis Allen, 44, 503 McDowell Ave., Steubenville, contempt, Thursday. Allen has been seen begging in drive-thru lanes at various businesses in violation of no-contact orders.

All wet: A woman in the 1100 block of Avenue Claire told her boyfriend that she dumped water on her speaker because he was playing his music too loud on Friday. The couple had been arguing all day and the fighting escalated after he returned from work, he said. He said he went out to the porch with his daughter to get away from the fighting. The woman was gone when the police arrived.

Accused: Lindsey M. Stonebraker, 36, 2509 Cherry Ave., Steubenville, criminal mischief, Saturday. Stonebraker allegedly knocked over a display of sunglasses on Sunset Boulevard Speedway when asked to leave, smashing a number of them and creating a disturbance, police said.

Perceptions: A Market Street resident said a man she knew threatened to “Set him on fire”, Friday. She said he lives in Gaylord Towers.

Sprayed: Someone sprayed yellow paint on a vehicle parked in the 800 block of Oakmont Avenue on Saturday.

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