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TIM WEIGHT / FOR THE EXPRESS The Red Raider logo can be seen on the basketball court at Bellefonte Area High School. The logo will need to be changed following the Bellefonte School Board vote earlier this year to remove all Native American images and remove “Rouge” from the mascot’s name.

BELLEFONTE – When the Bellefonte school board voted earlier this year to drop the word “Red” of Red Raiders and removing all Native American imagery from its schools and athletic facilities, everyone knew it would come at a cost.

During Tuesday night’s school board meeting, the board reviewed the price – and it’s heavy.

Ken Bean, the District Director of Tax Affairs, presented a detailed list of costs for large items that will need to be changed. Among the items discussed by Bean were: the floor of the main gymnasium of the high school, the floor of the secondary gymnasium of the high school, the scoreboards in the high school gymnasium, the marquee in front of the high school, the painting in the main gymnasium and the carpet. struggle.

In total, the changes will cost the district more than $ 100,000.

Bean first talked about the gym floors.

“It’s to do the whole floor. It really wouldn’t be possible to do just the middle part of the floor. We could never match that ”, Bean explained. “Plus, when you redo the floor, you really have to redo the whole floor. “

The district has three options for floors – Miller Sports Construction, All American Athletics and Sport Floors, Inc. All American Athletics was the lowest estimate, at $ 53,990. That’s a cost of $ 29,995 for the main gymnasium and $ 23,995 for the auxiliary gymnasium. Sport Floors, Inc. was next with an estimate of $ 75,226 – $ 35,713 for the main gymnasium and $ 39,513 for the auxiliary gymnasium. Finally, the highest estimate came from Miller Sports Construction, which stood at $ 77,650 – $ 38,440 for the main gymnasium and $ 39,210 for the auxiliary gymnasium.

While estimates are available, work will have to wait, Bean said.

“We had these (estimates) earlier in the summer… when we could get people in. But none of them were able to do it this (last) summer. We might be able to find someone in the fall, but the problem is we can’t close the gyms during this time because they are in constant use ”, he said. “Really, we’re looking at next summer, trying to schedule someone. “

According to Bean, the main gym scoreboards will need to change. Victorian Signs of Bellefonte estimates this cost at $ 2,040. The sign in front of the school has a similar design. This estimate, also from Victorian Signs, was $ 300.

“These are panels that slide” Bean explained.

The main gymnasium will need to be repainted due to the words “The Red Adventurers” and a large fresco. The estimated cost to repaint the gymnasium is $ 40,000.

“I guess we could try to match the paint and cover a section… I don’t know what that would look like”, said Bean.

The wrestling mat will also need to be replaced. The cost of a new one will be $ 18,000, Bean said.

“It could go up to $ 20,000. I am not sure,” said Bean.

So even if the district goes for the cheaper options, the total price is around $ 114,330.

There are other items, such as sports uniforms that should be ” by bike “ said Bean. There are other items that will need to be changed, such as obstacles for track and field, but Bean did not have an estimate for these costs.

“We’ll have to find something. Either paint on it or put a sticker on it… something like that ”, said Bean.

Costs weren’t included in the 2020-2021 budget, so Bean said they would be included in next year’s budget. Ultimately, Bean said the big items – such as the gym floor – probably won’t be finished until next year.

“We can put this in the budget for next year”, said Bean.

Bean said things could probably be done cheaply, but he wasn’t in favor of it.

“Obviously we could do cheaper repairs. I’m not necessarily in favor of cheaper patches because it looks cheap, but that’s my opinion ”, said Bean.

The board took no action on the estimates.

The Bellefonte school board will meet again at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 19 in the college cafeteria. The meeting is open to the public and wearing a mask is compulsory. The meeting will also be webcast via Zoom on the district website.

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