SD Realtor’s passion for art helps businesses thrive

“Real estate is to support my family. I have two children, and although I love it, my passion is here, ”said Karen Guzik. It is not about perfection. It is a question of expression; especially if you paint with passion.

“In January, I signed a one-year lease. Next comes the March lockdown, ”Guzik sighed.

Guzik opened The Art Cafe Carlsbad as a holiday pop-up store in 2019. But business has gone surprisingly well. So she went all out.

While neighboring large retailers received government subsidies, Guzik struggled. After two months of closure, it reluctantly reopened, sometimes serving only two clients a day.

Guzik said surviving the pandemic as a small business owner was not easy. But she knew that art was therapy.

“It’s not just for me. It’s for everyone. And it hit me. It’s like yes! This is the outlet they need, ”Guzik said.

Customers eager to unleash their creativity put on their masks and returned. For birthday parties, Saturday painting classes, and glazing ceramics, Guzik has worked harder than ever to provide this outlet.

His perseverance allowed him to open a second store in Westfield UTC shopping center on Friday.

“They could always safely spend quality time with their loved ones in public,” Guzik said.

A year ago, she wasn’t sure she could survive. But Guzik’s willingness to never give up his passion has allowed him to succeed in San Diego.

“If your goal is bigger than money and it’s bigger than yourself, things will work out,” Guzik said fondly.

Reservations are not necessary for ceramic painting. Registrations for canvas art classes are available HERE.

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  • SD Realtor’s passion for art helps businesses thrive
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