Tell Me Something Good: Crazy Chair Lady Gift Shop features local charm and unique finds


EAST SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – One of the newest gift shops in central New York City has a checkered past. But that’s the main selling point. The Crazy Chair Lady specializes in bold black and white checkered home decor items.

Joan Spadaro started her business from home after being fired from a job in corporate marketing. At first, she repainted the tables and chairs she bought at flea markets and garage sales. Her son came up with a name that people would remember.

“He must have helped me put them in the garage and he said, ‘Mum, you’re like the crazy chair! And I loved it, and it stuck… He thinks he should be getting royalties, ”she said with a chuckle. “But he only had dinner!”

Gift shops like this are always looking for a theme for their next sale. “Old Home Week” might be a good idea for the Crazy Chair Lady. It turns out the shop is located in the house Joan grew up in. Her family sold her to Cunningham Chiropractic in 2006.

“This is the house that my father built and in which I grew up. My family, all eight children, grew up here. And when I saw the “For Rent” sign, I knew I had to come back. “

Joan does most of her paintings at home, and she admits it’s a lot of work for one person. She often paints well after midnight. And the opportunity to come home to this building could have been a little better timed. “I signed the lease two weeks before COVID hit, and I couldn’t open immediately,” she says.

But this delay simply gave him a better chance to paint the building and prepare for the public. Since opening in June of last year, Joan says she’s received great support from family and friends, and there’s inspiration everywhere she looks in the Old Quarter.

The longtime village market is also where she met her husband, Jamie. They’re still together after 34 years of marriage, and Joan says Jamie has been a huge help, even taking over at the cashier when called.

“There are a lot of memories. I mean, I constantly look out the window, I just think about my childhood. It’s just really cool. Really cool, ”she said.

Crazy Chair Lady’s store is located at 210 Old Bridge Street in East Syracuse, near Cunningham Chiropractic and Big 4 Tire. It is open Thursdays and Fridays from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the fall. Joan plans to add extra hours as the holidays approach.

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