Third edition of Deer Santa Festival kicks off in Pittsfield

PITTSFIELD, Ill. (WGEM) – Now that Thanksgiving is over, Christmas festivities begin in all three states, including Pittsfield, Ill., Where community members have gathered for their third annual Dear Santa festival.

This year’s festival kicked off with dance performances from the S&S School of Dance where families gathered around the Pike County Courthouse in downtown Pittsfield.

Leslie Schumann said the festival has many activities that families can participate in, such as reading stories around the square, painting ornaments, observing reindeer and meeting Santa Claus.

“I love it because my kids always want to go do something and have fun and it’s outside,” Schumann said.

Festival volunteer Kaye Iftner said last year was a challenge with COVID-19 as many of their live events were canceled, but now they are in full swing.

“Above all, we want to give our residents the opportunity to do something fun to do and of course in these times something outside is always a plus and we are also trying to attract new people to the area. our community to see all the great things. happening here, ”Iftner said.

Reap and Sow is a shop around the square. Owner Kacie Lipcaman said events like this are important because they bring new people to town and to their store.

“The past year has been tough with COVID,” she said. “I think we all struggled, but living in a small community and hosting events like this kept us all afloat.”

Iftner said events like this bring people back to Pittsfield and boost the local economy.

Schumann said she would like to see more events like this.

“I think it’s also very important because they need us more than ever,” said Schumann.

Iftner said the festival will run until the end of December. She said the next event your family can look forward to is Breakfast with Santa on December 10 hosted by the Courtyard Café.

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