Toto Chronicle: Libra Court is Toto’s Dealer of the Month

6:00 a.m. November 21, 2021

CASE OF THE MONTH – This story turned my head the other day. Boffins in the United States have researched why dogs tilt their heads when you talk to them. They concluded that when a dog’s human mentions for example a toy that we know and love, then we spend a second or two appreciating the memory of playing with it. And when we remember, our heads tilt. Waste. We bow our heads for one reason and one reason only. And that’s it: humans seem to like it. And that increases our chances of getting a tasty bite. It really isn’t rocket surgery.

‘MUSEUM OF THE MONTH – No toy this month. I was just thinking of mentioning how much fun I love to have sitting quietly in the sun on the beach (natch) looking super crisp in one of my new SIDMOUTH – MY YAPPY PLACE bandanas. I think there might be a typo, but it’s a happy – uh, happy – accident. It’s the perfect Christmas present, and we don’t have a lot of it. So come down to my shop now or it will be “Christmas time, miss it oh you gonna whine”. Like Cliff (no, not one of the Sidmouth cliffs) used to sing.

MOSEY OF THE MONTH – Branscombe – rounded the back of the Sea Shanty up a lane to The Fountain Head. Then we took the path back through the woods to the cliff. Great. Ferocious band of cows on the path en route. No bull. No, I mean there was no bull. Thank God.

MERCHANT OF THE MONTH – Court of Libra. All in all, if I was in horoscopes I would say it is in the stars that you visit this cute little yard that totally climbs the heights. If you like great food you would be silly to walk past Selley’s. You can let your human get their claws scratched at Lashes and Lacquer while you try out your paw-in-pot paint at Something Lovely. And there’s a place in the corner where I once swung around in my Elton John glasses and a sequin jacket. Turns out it’s not a pop-up space. Arise. Embarrassing.

Anyway, let’s talk about Art Den. It’s quite a draw. I went to Manet’s time and I want to go back there. Let me paint you a picture. For starters, this guy inside isn’t called Den. Or Art. It’s Bruce. Lorraine is the nice lady painter (I often had a brushstroke with her). So why do I like this place? Is it because Lorraine and Bruce are the Frida and Diego of Sidmouth? Is it because I have polled the opinion and that it is at the top of the rankings of the art markets of pet art? Or is it because there is a portrait of me in the window? You decide. Lorraine makes great dog portraits. And you don’t have to be a super dog like yours. She even gets all the Moggiegliani and does chats every now and then. Not sure why.

There’s striking stuff on every wall in the store (nothing from the agent, though). You just can’t do Turner. Me, I like Bacon. Emin to say that he does not dilly-Dali and that he is totally on the Monet. I am mainly in Pup Art. And Bauwauhaus. I also like impressionism (especially Mike Yarwood). Licktenstein is awesome, as is Ruffael. And when it hurts, I like Bottyjelly. I have a good beret repository and an overall palette. Mind you, I’m aFreud to say that I saw an old boredom on TV talking about a worthless dot splash festival. Pollock, I thought. I don’t know who the artist was, but he totally took the Pissarro. I’m more into realism, like this painting of dogs playing pool. Maybe a photo. Anyway, sorry to be a bit sketchy but I have words from Chagall to play with: I only have Vermeer 650. So, I’m heartbroken to say it but it’s about time from Gau (guin). Dad for the moment.

Toto outside.

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Margarita B. Bittner