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TRUMAN – Truman Utilities Foreman Brent Brown reviewed the details of the water tower and filtration plant overhaul at the Truman City Council meeting on Monday evening.

Brown said he recently met Bolton and Menk and they reviewed a proposal that utilities brought forward in late 2018 and early 2019, before Brown worked on it.

“At one point, the public services asked to rehabilitate the water tower and the filtration plant. For some reason, the project was not selected to go ahead ”, Brown said.

He said Nero Engineering was selected at the time, although he is not sure why, as the city was not used to working with the company.

“When I first read the report, I had quite a few questions. The total cost of the project at the time was $ 2.9 million to decommission the well in the city center, install a new well near the water tower, install a reverse osmosis filtration plant and the rehabilitation of the castle. of water “, Brown said.

He said that at the time, the city was not eligible for some of the grant programs and low interest loans because of the rates. Brown pointed out that they have been working on water and utility tariffs over the past few years to come out of the red.

Brown said he understood Bolton and Menk were asked for a second opinion in the summer of 2019, but the city never followed through. Brown said he had recently reviewed it and that Bolton and Menk’s report largely contradicted what was in the original report.

He said he thinks the water tower is the top priority.

“Their opinion is that we want to move on now because of the upcoming changes in painting. After 2022, they will have to use a paint with a low VOC content ”, Brown said.

He said Bolton and Menk are suggesting the council move forward with design and tendering services, much of which has been completed. Ideally, the city would launch tenders around Christmas, collect them in early 2022, and work would be completed during the summer and fall.

Brown said the estimate for the two projects, the filter and the tower, is around $ 1 million. He said he asked for information on 20-year bonds.

For the water tower, Brown said they had two options. It can be pressure washed and repainted, or sandblasted and repainted. Brown said they can bid either way and when the numbers come out the board can decide.

He said Bolton and Menk suggest sandblasting, but understand funds for the project are limited.

“It’s just patching it,” Council member Brian Nickerson spoke about the first option.

The water tower has been retouched but never repainted for 22 years.

Council member Jake Ebert said: “It was a very important thing in 2019 and was put on the back burner. “

Brown said there was no reason the council couldn’t do the water tower now and the filtration plant in a year or two, but he said without the designs and offerings, he is difficult to move forward because they don’t know what the real price is.

“We have to move forward on this point. We don’t want to miss the painting ”, Nickerson said.

The council voted to go ahead with design and submission services.

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